Our Story

Rita Huang - CEO
C.E.O. and founder Rita Huang, formerly of Alibaba and Huawei, had a vision for connecting Chinese sellers to the world. Her story began while living in the U.A.E.; she purchased everyday items from her home country of China and soon realized the difficulty in obtaining her purchases. Rita came to understand that the problem was that there are no formal address systems in place in the U.A.E., but what surprised her was that this was not just a U.A.E. problem; half the world was struggling with no formal address systems as well. It was then that her passion for solving this problem began.
Being aware of the global boom of e-commerce, especially for retailers in China, Rita was inspired. She realized there was an opportunity to connect sellers in China to the potential of high-growth emerging markets by providing better delivery solutions to local merchants. It was then that iMile was born. With ten years of tech experience, Rita had the talent to solve these problems with a fresh perspective, bringing value to the e-commerce and logistics communities. Housing over 100 tech gurus between Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Dongguan iMile understands what it takes to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world.
In 2020, iMile ranked number 25 as one of the Top 50 most funded startups by Forbes Middle East, and in 2021 iMile climbed to number 9. Innovation, flexibility, reliability, and service customization are part of the iMile D.N.A. Joining the iMile logistics family ensures a delightful brand experience throughout the customer journey.
Delivery you can trust. "We Got This"
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iMile's Growth

iMile launched its operations in UAE
iMile onboarded one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in the region. Launched the Shenzhen office in China and operations in KSA.
iMile launched its in-house systems and an R&D center in Hangzhou, China.
Onboarded the second biggest e-commerce retailer in the region. iMile was selected as one of the top 50 most funded startups in the Middle East by Forbes
iMile launches operations in Mexico, Oman, and Jordan. iMile also launched the iMile Delivery App targeting small businesses and received $10 million as Series A funding
iMile ranked number 9 on Forbes's top 50 most funded startups in the Middle East. iMile also launched operations in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Türkiye. iMile raised $30 million in Series B funding

Our Company Principles

We don't see clients; we see long-term partners. Your business is our business. You can rely on our professional team for all your shipping needs. "We Got This"
Every business has different requirements, and flexibility is part of our DNA. Bring your needs to us, and we will handle the rest.
Technology and talent are what bring innovation to iMile. We blend human touch points with advanced technology to offer an unrivaled customer experience.