In a quest to empowering business growth, Asas Aljoda KSA Partners with iMile


In a recent interview with iMile, representatives from Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. highlighted their partnership with iMile and its significance in shaping their business landscape. They emphasized how iMile's vision aligns seamlessly with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, a national agenda that aims to diversify the Saudi economy and create opportunities for growth and innovation.

"We are Asas Aljoda, we are working for iMile, and we got this opportunity over two months ago," they shared. "Even before that, we didn't understand what logistics was, but iMile showed us that it's a good opportunity to strengthen our business and our business has been growing ever since."

The partnership with iMile has enabled Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. to provide employment to a substantial workforce, ranging from 40 to 120 Delivery Associates (DAs). This boost in manpower has been a significant factor in their company's growth and success.

"We as a CSP company are looking to grow with iMile delivery," stated one of the representatives. This statement reflects their commitment to leveraging iMile's expertise and resources to further their own growth and contribute to the broader goals of Vision 2030.

"We can look to partner with them all over KSA, like Jeddah, Abha, Khamis Mushait, all over KSA," they stated ambitiously. "And still, we are working with two cities, Dammam and Riyadh."

Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. emphasized the value of their partnership with iMile, praising the company's commitment, communication, and support. They acknowledged that iMile had provided them with the necessary tools to thrive in the competitive logistics landscape.

Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. represents a success story that exemplifies the positive impact of the iMile Channel Service Partner Program. Their partnership with iMile not only strengthened their business but also contributed to the realization of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. This partnership demonstrates how iMile is not just a logistics company but a catalyst for growth and empowerment in the Saudi Arabian business landscape. 

A Strong Partnership with a Bright Future

Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co., a budding logistics company in Saudi Arabia, is setting an exemplary path towards growth and innovation by joining hands with iMile, and their journey is emblematic of how the iMile Channel Service Partner Program is revolutionizing business owners in Saudi Arabia, in line with the Saudi Government's Vision 2030.

Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. emerged as a new player in the logistics industry, bringing fresh energy and enthusiasm to the field. Starting from scratch, the company aimed to make its mark in an industry known for its competitiveness and innovation.

One of the most notable aspects of the iMile Channel Service Partner Program is its focus on empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) while simultaneously creating employment opportunities. Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. attested to the positive impact of this program on their business.

In the dynamic world of logistics, the story of Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. and their partnership with iMile serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. As Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards Saudi Vision 2030, businesses like Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. are helping to pave the way.

As the journey continues, Asas Aljoda Logistics Services Co. and iMile are set to forge ahead, creating more opportunities for SMEs, contributing to Saudi Arabia's economic diversification, and, ultimately, leaving a lasting mark on the logistics industry in the Kingdom.


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