What We Do

Quick COD Remittance

Customers have the option to pay by cash instead of the card at the time of delivery, making it easier for them to use our services. Our clients will receive the COD remittance in less than a week.
iMile ECommerce Delivery Solutions

Fulfillment and Warehousing

Our facilities worldwide can store, stock, label, fulfill, and barcode several orders accurately and on time. Based on our client's requirements, we can provide all types of warehousing and fulfillment solutions.

Same Day Next Day

We provide express delivery services where customers can place and receive their orders on the same day. We also offer "Next Day Deliveries" and "Scheduled Deliveries" depending on the client's requirements.


We directly pick up orders from our domestic client’s warehouse and deliver them to their customers. Some clients may not have the fleet or manpower to do last-mile deliveries, and this is where we step in.

Cross Border and Custom Clearance

We provide complete 3PL solutions internationally and regionally. We pick-up and deliver shipments across borders and deliver them to the customers. We also handle and provide express custom clearance to move these shipments seamlessly.

Customers and small businesses can use the iMile Delivery App to pick up and drop off orders with a click of a button. We aim to make the onboarding process for small businesses seamless.

Customer Initiated Returns

Customers can schedule returns directly with us without dealing with the client. They will receive a link through which they can schedule the pick-up.
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Who We Support

About iMile Delivery

E-commerce and Aggregators

iMile covers all your 3PL e-commerce requirements from pick up to warehousing and drop off.


Our perfect balance of tech and data allows us to understand the needs of our e-commerce landscape better.
About iMile Delivery
About iMile Delivery

Social Media Businesses

iMile provides cost-effective solutions to even the smaller players. 

Other Verticals

Our value proposition goes beyond traditional delivery services—emerging markets and beyond.
About iMile Delivery

Why iMile?

Premium performance
Our clients, big and small, will have all their logistics needs met as we provide customized processes.
Our digitized processes and client portals give complete visibility on the performance of your business.
Our in-house technology ensures enhanced customer and client experience with exceptional performance.